Thank you for joining us in prayer again this month.

Our focus and priority has always been on education, however with the schools and most of Cambodia now being closed we find God leading us to help the poor in our community during this time of Covid. We have been able to provide much rice and other food products over this last month as people are starting to get desperate. The village and area in which we work are now shut off with road blocks and all (food) markets are now closed meaning that people just sell their goods on the roadside. Buying food is becoming a problem and food prices have gone up.

Please pray for:-

1) Continued help for those in the slum where we work. Covid is getting much worse now in Cambodia (over 15,000 cases and over 100 deaths) and they don’t have the infrastructure to cope with it. Pray that we can continue to provide rice, water and food to those we are helping.

2) The children as they continue to study online. Our building is closed so they have the responsibility now to learn by themselves, may they be disciplined to do this. 

Give thanks for :-

1) The money that has been donated last month for us to buy rice etc in April. Over £2,000 has enabled us to provide for over 300 families; that is virtually the whole village!

2) The fact that none of our children or families have Covid.

3) The help, support and advice of the Village Chief. Without his assistance we would not be able to distribute the rice etc in the village as he has a lot of power and authority. He is grateful for what we do and is a big help to Chanthy.