Helping Hand Cambodia is raising funds to help pay for our English teacher, Panha. A group of supporters from the Isle of Wight will be having an evening of performing their own music and songs held at a local village hall. Please see the link below for how you can donate to this cause.


At Helping Hand Cambodia we are looking to raise funds to pay for Panha, our English teacher. He had funding for his first year from a supporter of the charity, but we need to fund his second year.

He is well qualified with a master’s degree in English (TESOL) and many years of teaching to a higher level in Cambodian schools.

He has been a real blessing while working for us and as well as teaching our students he loves playing football with them in the break time as well.

All monies raised will go towards his salary (he works just 3 hours a day for us Monday to Friday) and Helping Hand Cambodia will make up any difference, so he will not be out of a job next year!

Raise Money for Chan Panha

Helping Hand Cambodia

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