• 29 March 2021

Start of a new week, but some things stay the same; Covid and exams. Our students at Helping Hand Cambodia are very much aware of both at the moment and are having to take their exams at home as are other students throughout Cambodia. #cambodiasfuture

Covid Exams

  • 22 March 2021

Covid is not helping children with their education at the moment; all schools in Cambodia are now closed. At Helping Hand Cambodia our children have their exams over the next few days but will be taking those from their homes. Thank you to Beltei School for their understanding and

Face Masks

  • 12 March 2021

Thank you to the sponsor who, just a few days ago, donated money specifically for facemasks to be bought and distributed in the community where Helping Hand Cambodia works. After yesterday’s news that Cambodia had reported its first Covid related death this is just what people need. 1,250 masks