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Since we started...

Since we started in 2017, when we became an Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Cambodia and also a registered charity in England and Wales we have grown from having under 20 students to 40 that are now being sponsored and attending Beltei International School.
As we have grown due to the input of our sponsors and supporters so have our facilities and our ability to support and help the children. We now have an English teacher who works for us to supplement their English lessons at Beltei and a fully equipped computer room with over 20 computers. It is here that they learn the basics of using a keyboard and then move on to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
We also have a library on the first floor with a wide range of books including a section for Christian books. Recently we have invested in our roof space after our landlord had it cleared of rubbish and tiled for us. We have had the whole area fenced in to make it safe and put down grass matting, and netting around the sides. The children can now play football, volleyball, badminton and other games as well as using it for a relaxing space and, as an organisation, we can holding meetings there and benefit from the cool breeze at the top of our building.
We now have a Sunday School on a Sunday afternoon with two excellent Cambodian teachers, who teach about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. This means that we are now keener than ever to facilitate more sponsors as we have seen the difference that it makes, not only to the children's education, but also it changes their attitude; they respect themselves and others more and now have real hope for their future.
We not only support them through school until they leave at the end of grade 12 but continue to support them also when they go to university.
We can do so much more together!


How does it work?

What does the child get?

For your £35/€40 a month the child will receive:
• All School Fees Paid
• An invaluable education in English and Computing
• 2 School uniforms
• Attendance at our afterschool facility with extra tutoring
• A Helping Hand into their future

What do I get?

• A photo of the child will be sent to you along with a background to their and their families lives.
• You will also receive 6 monthly reports of how the are doing at school.
• We encourage communication between the children and their sponsors via letters and e-mail

How long does it last?

• Ideally we would like to sponsors to commit to three years.
• This gives the child a chance to get a good education in English and computer skills and provides stability.
• Longer sponsorships are also encouraged as some of the children join the program at a very young age,

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