Education is a child’s best chance of escaping to a better future.


When You sponsor a child, all the money goes directly into their education, paying all school fees as well as the necessary uniforms.
The child will receive a full education, taught in English, as well as in Computing, equipping them for a better, safer life.
You can change a child's life for just £35/€40 a month.
Your sponsorship is dedicated to the individual child, and because of this, we encourage a commitment as this way a continuation is ensured.
You will get to know your sponsored child via letters as well as e-mail updates, including information on their performance in school.
You truly can make a difference in a child’s life directly.


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What does the child get?

For your £35/€40 a month the child will receive:
• All School Fees Paid
• An invaluable education in English and Computing
• 2 School uniforms
• Attendance at our afterschool facility with extra tutoring
• A Helping Hand into their future

What do I get?

• A photo of the child will be sent to you along with a background to their and their families lives.
• You will also receive 6 monthly reports of how the are doing at school.
• We encourage communication between the children and their sponsors via letters and e-mail

How long does it last?

• Ideally we would like to sponsors to commit to three years.
• This gives the child a chance to get a good education in English and computer skills and provides stability.
• Longer sponsorships are also encouraged as some of the children join the program at a very young age,

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Sponsorship Forms

Simply download our Sponsorship form below - Fill it out and send it to us.
We will contact you to confirm the details.
Once your sponsorship has been allocated to a child we will give you further information on the specific Sponsorship case.
Alternatively you can send us an e-mail and we can arrange it further that way as well.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You will not be obliged to make any contact with the child nor have your identity made known to them.

Don’t worry. Once a child is part of Helping Hand we will continue to support them until they graduate. We, as an organisation will continue to sponsor them until the next sponsor comes along

Yes. We aim to arrange contact regularly between the sponsor and the child in case this is possible for both sides.

Your input is critical in improving lives of those less fortunate, and Helping Hand Cambodia would not be able to operate without our kind supporters. You can save lives.

Yes of course. Please visit our Causes for specifics, or simply use the Donation form and attach a message to specify your cause.

We encourage any kind of donations strongly. Please contact us via the contact form to arrange details.

Unlike other larger organizations, we are a fairly small NGO in size with low overhead – meaning approximately 99% of all our donations are spent directly on Cambodian people.

We would be delighted. Sharing our page, causes and information can be of significant importance in supporting our cause. If you are interested to taking a step further, please contact us via the contact form!