Cleaning Time

  • 31 August 2020

The next school term stars soon so 14 of Helping Hand Cambodia‘s children volunteered to help get our building clean and ready for a new start, and were awarded with free packs of shampoo ….!! Thank you to Chanthy for arranging this


  • 25 August 2020

So schools may not be open yet but there will still be online studies available at Beltei School again from next month. Thank you to Samnang Sok for his generous donation of writing books to Helping Hand Cambodia.

Srey Vin

  • 25 August 2020

This is Srey Vin, one of Helping Hand Cambodia‘s newest students. She has collected cans and bottles to sell so that she can buy a plastic cover for her school books costing 2,500 riel, about 75p, as she really wants to look after them.