Children of Helping Hand

Ra Kanha’s Story

“My name is Ra Kanha, I’m 15 years old. I study in grade 8 at Beltei school. There are four members in my family. My father name’s Ra Sa Rim. My mother name’s Van Sochantha, my young sister name’s Ra Nita. My family’s income is very low, so it makes my family so hard for using our money wisely in our daily life.

My introduction to Helping Hand

My father is a worker at Japanese Cooperation center at Phnom Penh city, and mother is a sower at the Friend Organization.
Nowadays, I am living in rental room with my family.

Four years ago, my family’s life was very hard in Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh city. In that time my mom and my dad were working so hard to earn money to support my family and for my education and sometime we don’t have enough for that the time has passed by as usual, but it was that one time that I can’t believe that I am lucky to study at the best school.

Lucky day happened when I was grade 6 at government school, my aunt knew Teacher Chanthy who likes to help children in the community. And then, she brought Teacher Chanthy to my rental room and I got interviewed me and family. Teacher Chanthy is Coordinator of Helping Hard Cambodia charity. She’s so friendly when interview me, she asked me about my family income, my studying and many more question.
In that short period of time, I felt very happy because I feel like I will accept to study at best school like other kids.”

“My interview with that organization was done successfully. One month after the interview I was accepted to enter the organization system. After that I took a test to enter Beltei International school. I passed the test and study at grade 6 level until now, since I enter Beltei, I saw a lot of improvement more than government school and since I enter I felt warmer than usual.
Before I enter the system I think I and both language English and khmer, but now I feel proud of myself that I am getting better at this both languages.
I study English at Helping Hand Cambodia organization every day with teacher Chanthy.

That is why my English is more improve when get this scholarship from Helping Hand Cambodia charity to study at Beltei International school.
My family does not need to spend a lot of money like I study at government’s school. I promise with my family that I will keep studying hard and won’t let them down or hopeless because of me at all.
In my future I want to become a doctor because I help people that facing the problem financial, my teacher, my parent and other people who is sponsoring me to study at Beltei International School, I won’t throw this dream in the future even how hard my life is.”

Nice To meet you!

Meet Ra Kanha

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