• 11 October 2020

We undertake several types of activities in the community in order to help where help is needed. This includes cloth donations, COVID-19 safeguards such as masks and hand sanitizers, to name a few. Through Helping Hand and our amazing sponsors, we are able to provide struggling families in the


  • 5 November 2019

In the slums in which Helping Hand works, one of our main missions is to provide food for those who need it most. What money the families do have goes first to provide food, and shelter.By offering to provide rice for a family every month it not only allows


  • 5 November 2019

Education is key in the strive for a better future, and out of poverty.  Our main focus is enabling children from the slums of Phnom Penh to attend and gain a solid education in an international school, allowing them to make a future for themselves. Additionally, we provide an