Happy New Year!
2020 has been a challenging year, but I believe it is through challenges that we grow as we rely more on God and less on the world in which we live.

Please pray for :

1) The sponsored walk that Ced Wells and his family are doing (His sons are just 6 and 8 years old!). They will be walking, in stages, around the Island to raise money for us. The initial target was $500 but they reached that within two days so we have increased it to £2,000. Please see Sponsored Walk

2) All the children at Helping Hand as the schools open after being closed for 4 weeks. They will now resume lessons at our building. Pray that they will continue to attend and that the extra maths lessons and computer lessons offered will be a Blessing to them. Pray for the two teachers who have volunteered and for Chanthy as she continues to lead and oversee the work there; she is such a Blessing to the charity.

3) Me…! I have, maybe, a compressed nerve in my back, I have seen a doctor and am awaiting a scan. I was unable to walk when I was in Cambodia and this affects when I can return. I need to return in April to renew my visa or I will have to apply again through the Embassy in London which is a very complicated and drawn out process. Since returning my back has improved and I am now able to walk, the furthest for 10 weeks.

Give thanks for :

1) The money that has been donated this year, nearly £16,000 !! A lot of this has been for specific causes such as rice donations and the Water Filtration System but I believe that God is trusting us to be responsible with money to help build the charity and therefore help others that we work with.

2) The continued support of Beltei School during these Covid times. Thanks to Chanthy we have a tremendous relationship with them and it has not been an easy time for our children with the Beltei school being closed, the children not having access to the internet for online studies, and our building being closed for lessons .

I would like to thank you all for your prayerful support over the last year. This can only be God’s work; we started properly nearly four years ago when we became a registered charity in the UK, and a registered NGO in Cambodia with nothing but a “good idea” and no money. God has provided finances, a building, Chanthy and much more. As with much of God’s work there have been challenges but with those we rely more on Him…..

God Bless,