Spring is here and we look forward to new Blessings on Helping Hand Cambodia and God’s plans for His charity. We initially started as an organisation that provided sponsorship for children to go to Beltei School and therefor get a better education and enable them to move on in life and out of the slums. God has broadened or horizons since we first began.

We now offer additional lessons of English, Homework Support and Computer Lessons at our own building which is situated right next to the slum where we work; it is a safe environment for the children to be and we have plenty of space over the four floors and rooms waiting to be used as additional classrooms. We have a qualified English teacher who will work for us for 1 year (at least) who is sponsored to work for us. We have a rice sponsorship program and support 20 families with rice each month and have also provided rice, noodles and other foodstuffs to well over 150 families in the last three years due to peoples generous donations. We have been able to build and repair homes, and facilitate the donation of hundreds of items of clothing and many toys for the children. We now have a water filtration system installed at our building and provide free, fresh clean drinking water to over 100 people and families in the slum. We have donated a lot of 20Ltr water bottles for them to use and refill and will buy more if necessary.

From our beginnings when we sponsored just one child we are now becoming an integral part of the community and finding that, with God’s Blessing, we are able to help many individuals and families. This is all God’s work and we continue to look forward to help those that we work with in the slum believing that He will provide the resources and finances as He has so far. 

Please pray for :

1) The Covid situation in Phnom Penh. Since January the number of cases has doubled to over 800. This may not seem many compared to most other countries but for it to double so quickly is worrying. Again there are cases in Chbar Ampov where we are based. Please pray for the protection of our children, families and the community where we work.
2) The children as they continue to study online with the schools being closed again. Studying online does not come easy to a lot of them.
Give Thanks for :-1) The money raised by Ced Wells and his family during their sponsored walk around the Isle of Wight. £2,700 will go a long way to helping us as we look to see what we need to do this year to advance the charity.
3) The Water Filtration System which is now in use. Due to Covid restrictions we were not able to have large groups of people gather but we have now been able to “open” the facility and distribute about 80 x 20 Ltr water bottles to families in the community. This is really making a difference as they no longer have to pay for water and therefor can save much money each week. Please see attached photo to see how much it means….