Thank you for joining us in prayer again this month. As is the case now Covid is our priority with our Prayer Points. 

Here is a brief overview of the Covid situation :-

* During the month of May Covid cases and deaths have doubled in Cambodia, 14,500 cases to 30,000 and 103 deaths to 214. This may not seem to be too many compared to UK figures but it is a huge increase, very quickly, for a country with a population of just over 14 million. 

* In the village in which we work there have been, at time of writing, 39 cases with 16 of those coming in the last 3 days; no deaths.

* Saying this Cambodia has done exceptionally well with it’s vaccine programme with over 15% of the population having one or more vaccinations and 12% having had both over a relatively short period of time. 

* With the high number of cases in our village it meant that our villagers have had one vaccine (PTL) and will have their second lab in about two weeks.

Please pray for :-

1) Our latest appeal. We are aiming to raise nearly £3,500 to provide rice for the families in the village in which we work. People are still loosing jobs and income because of Covid and are needing assistance with just their own basic needs, food and shelter (rent). Please see Save a Village.

2) For protection from Covid for our villagers. Because of the way that they live, very close together in large families and small homes, it is easy for Covid to spread despite them taking precautions.

Give thanks for :-

1) The fact that (because of Covid in the village) vaccines have been given to those living in the there.

2) No one from the village has died of Covid.

Please feel free to share these Prayer Points with family, friends, church etc.